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“For God so loved the world that he gave His one andonly son that whosoever should believeth in him, shall not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16


I am, a whosoever, what are you?



Satan be all up on me, attack so fastI got no time to react. So I try and stay in tact, Christ keep my mind in check, so I’m askin you, do you got my back? I see you struggling, roaming, foaming at the mouth. Your soul is dead, from the filth inside your head. Evil creeps in through your eyes, I’m trying to shine this light Can’t stop this fight, get out of here I got no fears. My God crush you at my feet, Romans 16:20. I’m livin’ by this truth can’t cover up, put me out.Im-a keep-a stayin lit, in this tornado.You made of play dough, easily conform to the patterns of this world and you don’t even know. Think you rough but face to face you ain’t even tough.Christ got the stuff break your cuffs, shake you up, etch- a -sketch.Make you look so pretty so c’mon I think you’re ready!


I’m a whosoever - Never gonna perish!

I’m a whosoever - Yeah I believe!


I’m a freedom fighter, soul reacher, truth seeker So tell me, can ya feel me, cause I know you can’t see me.I’m walkin this alone, standing me myself and I, just one voice through this noise, I thought I promised you brotha; I’d never lead you astray. Be it as you may, keep running from reality, hiding from his majesty. Shaped you, formed you, created you, he made you. Knight in shining armor, become your liberator. Breathing respirator, revive your life. I ain’tCatholic, Lutheran, Methodist, or Baptist. Christian, yes I live this, try and be a witness. Religion’s not for me, only need Christ to lead me.Where ya gonna go? Heaven or hell? Cause when I die, I know where I’ll be with certainty!


I’m a whosoever - Never gonna perish

I’m a whosoever - Yeah I believe!


Mock us, beat us, take our life
No matter what you do
We gonna rise from the grave

Mock us, beat us, take our life
We gonna rise from the grave
cause we will not die!

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