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I can’t believe all that I’ve been seeing I can’t understand the ways this truth’s revealing my core and my soul, deep inside it’s longing for being, reveal to me this mystery within me. This truth and these words are splitting me in two; fragments divide my soul, I’m longing for you.

Where am I going?
Who am I supposed to be?
They said you’d set me free
But in my head all I see is me!


Free! It’s where I want to be
Free! Please set me free


My brothers and my sisters keep going down the wrong road! I gotta stop them, they are headed for destruction.You can’t see this pain? You can’t see my tears? Take from my life, lessons for your life! This world is not for me, this world is not all there is! Satan disregard my last request to dine with you; forget you, I reject you, I’m standin’ firm. Hold on, hold on, hold on! Look to the clouds, here he comes at the trumpet call, every knee will bow, every tongue will confess. It’s time to face the facts, it’s time to meet my king! So before he comes to get me I'll make sure I’m…


Free! It’s where I want to be
Free! Please set me free


You can’t take me, I don’t want to go
Please set me free, I want to be with you
You can’t take me I won’t go back,
I wont go back to who I was before


Please set me free!


He’s coming back,
He’s coming back,
He’s coming back,
He’s coming back to set us free!

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